Friday, June 20, 2014

Why do I quilt?

The quilt I made for my sis
The quilt pictured is one that I made for this sis of mine; I call it Lemon Meringue/Key Lime Pie because the colors are that delicious.  The picture was taken before hand quilting was applied, stitch by stitch, to sandwich the quilt top to the backing fabric, the old-fashioned way.  Visiting my sis, she once commented out of the blue, "Think of the money spent on all that fabric you have stashed away."  My fabric stash?  How could someone who does not quilt or sew possibly understand?  There are lots of us out there, you know, I mean...quilters with stashes of fabric.  There's a good reason to have fabric on hand; this quilt, for example.

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