Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Know what you love...

A person will dedicate a good chunk of time and money to those things closest to his/her heart or things he/she loves to do.  Think about it.  I know my passion.  Do you know yours?

Hobbit Shoes

In pursuit of cozy house slippers to wear, I sewed up a soft shoe from a free pattern I found on the internet; soft denim, calico lining, applique flower and covered button to match.  It is adorable I think, but not a good fit.  Never give up says me!  So I tried another pattern "Oma's Slippers," a crochet slipper which I think is very nice.  See the result?  I have made only one side of each of these...prototypes.  Result?  Another loose and goosey fit.  What's up?  Not to worry; simply size down the crochet needle, tighten the stitch and work it until proper fit is achieved.  I'll try again.  Friends and relatives beware; these could be gifts in the making.

Creativity Reigns

A chaotic blend of creativity reigns at the Casita.  Quilt sew quilt sew knit knit crochet embroider sew draw/paint carve gourds quilt sew sew read read read quilt sew sew quilt embroider; research research research; hunt down patterns; hunt down recipes; put up preserves bake bake cook; grow tomatoes grow herbs; blog a bit; draw a bit; paint a little; Netflix documentaries and PBS series.  Out of all of this comes bits and pieces of artwork complete.  There is no schedule; this then is creative chaos; I think my sis thinks I am crazy.  I think I am.  It is my most recent goal to quiet the mind and continue with what I do.  Today and for two days past I am knitting a purse in a lovely cable pattern; the color...dusty purple.  It will be done soon.