Friday, June 20, 2014

Hawaiian Quilting; it's a passion of mine

Laua'e, back view

Ipu design
This Calico Quilter has a bunch of projects going on.  Here are three examples of what's on my current work board, of the Hawaiian quilting variety.  I have been working on this laua'e leaf pattern, done in lavender calico prints, for a few years now.  The reverse side shows off the hand quilting which I have dallied with.  It's a project I'd work on and then set aside, and then go back to it again.  Almost done and then it will be made into a pillow, approximately 20" square.  I enjoy everything about Hawaiian quilting.  My newest project is the ipu (gourd) pattern, from the Hawaiian Quilt book by Poakalani and John Serrao.  This pattern is now cut out and ready to baste onto a backing fabric.

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