Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cotton Kimono Jacket

December 31st...finishing this cotton kimono-sleeve house jacket today. I used a cotton fabric which doesn't drape as well in the sleeve area as I would like, but it works. The jacket is lined with black cotton batiste which will make for comfortable wear. All that's left to do is to handstitch the lining of the sleeves to the main body and close the opening where I turned the jacket right side out after lining it. I picked this print for its quirky Oriental cuteness (see pocket detail). The design element of this jacket pattern, an out-of-print Simplicity (#5153), works perfectly to compliment this busy print. I still need to work on adding embellishments to my creations, i.e., beading, threadwork, fabric manipulation, etc., to take this "wearable art" phase to the next level. New Year's Resolution? To design and sew a fun, artsy, wearable wardrobe in 2010...oops...and to get back to finishing those UFOs in my quilt basket. How about you? Current state of Calico Quilter's crafty courage? I mostly only wear my artsy creations at home.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goodbye 2009

There's a certain sadness that weighs heavily upon my heart, especially as I ponder the state of Planet Earth and humanity as a whole as we move forward into the New Year. In 2010 I will be working on numerous arts projects. I am just a simple artist who hopes to make a small difference through creative expression and positive interaction. So much to do, so little time.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chris' Closet - Linen Blouse

So last week I went on a sewing binge. Result: two shirts completed, one linen and one calico. Here's the gray linen one that I made (picture). Pattern: Textile Studio Patterns - Mandarin Shirt Jacket #1213. I'm not done yet. It's Saturday and today Papa drove me to the garment district in L.A. where I shopped for more fabric to make more stuff. Boy did I ever have fun! Specifically shopped at Michael Levine's as I didn't have time to shop-hop from vendor to vendor. Finished this shopping excursion by eating lunch at Phillipe's, a very old, very famous deli in Los Angeles. French Dip Sandwiches...mmmm good!

Chris' Closet - Sweet Calico Blouse

Last week Papa Paz needed my car all week long and since I had no where to go and no way to get there, I took the opportunity to stay put at the Casita and do some sewing. I chose Simplicity #4077 from my pattern box for a shirt (pictured), using a sweet calico print. The blouse is very simple but it suits me. I have always loved calico prints and this is one that I've kept in my fabric stash for a very long time. I'll kind of miss having it uncut and intact, but the blouse is country cozy and will serve its wearer well.