Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Artist - Variation on a theme

The second piece I am working on is a variation of "The Artist," originally a self-portrait drawn using India ink and watercolor pencils.  On this piece, I am utilizing muslin and other cotton fabrics, plus pastels and colored pencils for shading, to create the picture.  It will be quilted and embellished when complete and perhaps I'll frame it in a shadow box.

A work in progress

I have used paper and silk organza to create "Olangee."  The design is roughly based on an art piece I sketched using Adobe Illustrator as shown below.  I am challenging myself as an artist to use a variety of materials, a means of self-discovery, and for the fun of it.  The delicately shredded silk organdy and hand-torn paper pieces are currently laid gingerly on a piece of illustrator board.  I have not decided whether to glue the pieces to the board or to perhaps use a fabric backing and stitch the pieces in place instead.