Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Knitting at the Casita; 2017

Knitting projects for Christmas 2017.  As in years past, time is flying and I'm knitting as fast as I can.  Above, my trusty work bag.  Below, Christmas ornaments from the Christmas Balls book by Arne and Carlos.  Knitted monkeys and one big rabbit from Itty Bitty Toys book by Susan B. Anderson.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Little Spring Bouquets

Roses, pincushion flower and yarrow
Rose, pincushion flower, yarrow and dianthus
Daffodils, snapdragon, yarrow and lavendar
Red rose, white and yellow yarrows, lavendar sprig

Friday, April 28, 2017

Little Cotton Rabbits...Boy Bunny

Boy Rabbit
Final rabbit knit for Easter 2017 giving. That's a wrap for the season, but I'll be making many more bunnies just because they are a pleasure to create.

Granny Square Tea Cozy

Granny Square Tea Cozy

Ribbed Tea Cozy
Here are cozies I have made. The crocheted granny-square cozy is a pattern adapted from Alexandra Mackenzie's "Granny Square Tea Cosy" (purchased through Etsy), meaning that I had to downsize the squares for a more custom fit. The gray cozy is also crocheted, one that is quick and easy to make. The teapot pictured holds 3 cups of liquid when filled to the top. Cozies keep the teapot warm, that's for sure.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Springtime 2017

Little posies and brilliant colors add happy pleasure at the Casita.

Little Cotton Rabbits for Little Girlies

Finished these bunnies in time for Easter giving.  There are still a few bunny bodies in my basket waiting for little outfits to be complete but I may have to take a break from bunnies as this project has been front and center for at least a couple of months already.
Jaden got first pick; first granddaughter, first pick : )

For Gracie and Morgan, although I've heard that their grandmother may have a hard time letting these go

For Chloe and Natalie

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bunches of Bunnies!

This knitty noodle (me) in a bunny frenzy; knit, knit, knit, day after day to get these bunnies done for Easter. Bunny pattern source: Little Cotton Rabbits. I love you, little bunnies, but I'll be glad to move on to other projects. The garden is coming into full swing and I'm getting read to work on quilting projects again. Plus, I must sew a handful of gardening overalls and smocks to knock around in...primary wardrobe these days.

Speaking of Henry...

Henry overlooking his kingdom. Je suis Henri and this is my world.

Springtime snippets

A shady spot
Anna Apple - "Good morning Anna!"
Clayton's Japanese Maple
The flowering plum in bloom
Lavendar wands abloom

Welcome Spring 2017!

New additions to my garden
No bucketfuls of flowers in my garden, but always enough for a small bouquet from time to time
Springtime is here at the Casita; here today, gone tomorrow, it goes so quickly. Already the temperatures have soared and spring blooms have begun to fade. Flowers bloom and then melt away, replaced by colorful canopies of leaves that will take us into summer.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Je suis Henri!

Je suis Henri!
Comings and goings; all granddaughters visited this past summer at one time or another. The girls love Henry. He's not as frisky as he once was, but always at the center of cheerful mischief; love and patience is evident. Summer is winding down, the echoes of happy laughter slowly fade.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Fruits from the garden...

Pictured, Einsheimer apple, from an ultra-dwarf fruit tree that we planted two seasons ago. First time apples have grown since planting. "Hallelujah!" a shout out from me. The tomatoes and peppers were harvested from my garden as well. When there is a good harvest, I take pictures, and now those pictures have become subjects for my paintings.

Family Pets in Watercolor; Sammy and Happy


My sister's two dogs, Sammy and Happy. As it turns out, Sammy is our dog Henry's best pal. They've known each other since Henry was just a young pup and that's about eight years ago and counting. Henry, who is an only child, adores Sammy and is happiest when he gets to hang out with these dogs. Happy is the newest adoptee in the Bikel household. She's a strange "cat" but I'm growing to know and understand her better.