Thursday, November 10, 2011

Adventures of Henry the Yorkie Pup

Henry will be three years old in December.  Let's years equal 7 per every 1 people year?  That makes Henry a young adult.  These pictures are recent; ain't he cute?  Last season Mallard ducks visited our swimming pool regularly.  Quack, quack, quack, Henry would hear their chatter and charge the pool like a speeding bullet to chase them away (that's how we learned Henry can swim to save his life).  I  don't think he craves duck meat; I think he just likes to see ducks take flight; maybe he wants to fly.  But then again...he is a terrier, bred to...  Sometimes those ducks would bob and float purposefully, just out of his reach; poor Hen!  The ducks moved on and we haven't seen them in months.   For a long time after, Henry would sit at the pool's edge looking wistfully up at the sky; waiting, listening.  He finally gave up the hunt but, seriously, we can no longer say the "D" word out loud, nor can we quack.  Maybe we should have named him Bullet, as in faster than a speeding bullet.  Just say DUCK! DUCK!  and there he goes!  Poor doggie door!