Friday, April 28, 2017

Little Cotton Rabbits...Boy Bunny

Boy Rabbit
Final rabbit knit for Easter 2017 giving. That's a wrap for the season, but I'll be making many more bunnies just because they are a pleasure to create.

Granny Square Tea Cozy

Granny Square Tea Cozy

Ribbed Tea Cozy
Here are cozies I have made. The crocheted granny-square cozy is a pattern adapted from Alexandra Mackenzie's "Granny Square Tea Cosy" (purchased through Etsy), meaning that I had to downsize the squares for a more custom fit. The gray cozy is also crocheted, one that is quick and easy to make. The teapot pictured holds 3 cups of liquid when filled to the top. Cozies keep the teapot warm, that's for sure.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Springtime 2017

Little posies and brilliant colors add happy pleasure at the Casita.

Little Cotton Rabbits for Little Girlies

Finished these bunnies in time for Easter giving.  There are still a few bunny bodies in my basket waiting for little outfits to be complete but I may have to take a break from bunnies as this project has been front and center for at least a couple of months already.
Jaden got first pick; first granddaughter, first pick : )

For Gracie and Morgan, although I've heard that their grandmother may have a hard time letting these go

For Chloe and Natalie