Thursday, July 5, 2012


Cutting 2" strips for this Colores quilt pattern

Sampling of the fabric palette for Colores
Summer 2012; it's is my goal to complete several quilt tops this summer and then to quilt them by either hand or machine quilting for gift-giving at Christmas.  Today I started cutting two-inch strips for this Southwestern-style quilt top.  These blocks will be easy to piece together.  I have chosen a color palette which is uniquely Southwestern.  Choosing the right colors can be a task; however, it's a creative process that I enjoy.

Sunbonnet Sue

Part of my first and favorite quilt, finally completed after all these years.  Sunbonnet Sue and her friend Sam are warm and cozy additions to a variety of quilt block samples.  These are 12" blocks; all the quilting was done by hand.  I love to work on sampler quilts.