Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Coffee Cups; odds and ends

Here's what's up.  I chose this mug quilt pattern especially for stash-busting possibilities.  A different print for each cup?  Perfect!  I'm ready to rotate those bits and pieces of mismatched fabrics out of my stash, stuff that I've had tucked away for what seems like forever.  There must be at least a few quilt tops that can be patched together from all those odds and ends of mine.  Oi vey!  After that, I'm going to purge the stash.

Henry's Quilt

Here is Henry with his friend Lamb Chop.  Henry loves to lounge and munch on his chewies in comfort.  He has needed a blanket of his own for some time now, as he's been using an old pink one, one of my "for-practice" baby quilts from years ago.  Henry is Mr. Dog and I think the boyish colors of his new blanket are most appropriate.  This quilt measures only 30 x 35 inches, just the right size for you know who.  The doggie print fabrics was purchased as a pack of fat quarters from WalMart of all places; I should have been grocery shopping only, but who could resist?  The aqua and purple solids were from my stash.  A weekend project completed, now it's onward to other things.