Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh Henry! Papa Fell Into the Jacuzzi!

The other day Henry threw his rubber chicken into his water bowl. But two nights ago, Henry threw Papa Paz into the jacuzzi. Of late, it has been Operation Get Henry Potty Trained around here. Two grown people could not be more dedicated to this effort. Ray was showing off to me how, if he stood in a certain spot, Henry would respond to his command and pee upon the puppy pad we had strategically placed outdoors. Ray swung his left leg over the gate that protects Henry from the pool, to get in place, but Henry had other ideas. The pup ran to the wee wee pad and began to pee right where he should, all by himself, in advance of the command. Yipee! He's trained! But poor Papa! With one leg on one side of the gate and one leg mid-air, he was watching Henry's triumph when, ka-plewie! Ray tumbled dead center into the jacuzzi, taking the gate and wire shelf it connects to with him. Like a dream in slow motion, water splashed and flower pots went flying. Henry ran inside, then turned and peeked out the door to look at Papa standing in the middle of the jacuzzi in the dark, dripping wet but otherwise unharmed. I picked up Henry and we both stared at Papa. "I'm okay, I'm okay," Ray muttered as he slowly hoisted himself out of the freezing water. "Mama, I think we're too old for this," he said. I just shook my head and gazed at little Henry who by this time was bouncing happily about our feet. The hour being late, and Henry having done his business, we put the pup to bed. Laughter filled the air at the Casita as we chuckled and thanked our lucky stars Ray had not been hurt, then peace and quiet settled in as we dimmed the lights and called it a night - two tired old people and a little Yorkie pup. Oh Henry!