Friday, June 20, 2014

Mrs. Lincoln Sampler Quilt, 5" squares...oh my!

One year ago I started this sampler quilt...
Back on Christine's work board
Preparing block #5
There's been a resurgence of interest in needle-turned applique, the old-fashioned way to applique, and I'm on board.  This is something that I love to do!  In addition to working on my Hawaiian quilt projects, I've pulled out this Mrs. Lincoln sampler quilt that I started a while ago.  This quilt is made up of 5 inch squares; some blocks are pieced and some are hand appliqued.  I counted and there are a total of 48 squares; 4 almost 5 done and many more to go.  It may have to go on the back burner again, as there are other things that may take precedence from time to time, but this one will get done.  I promise myself!

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