Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oh Henry! King of Blueberry Hill

Here's Henry atop Blueberry Hill, so named because below where Henry is standing are two Sunshine Blueberry bushes.  They are relatively new plantings so are still small, but this year there are blossoms on each plant, and I am hoping for a small handful of berries this season. 

Welcome Spring!

Mid-March 2013.  My garden is thriving thanks to recent warm Temecula temperatures.  I tend my garden every morning and sometimes in the afternoon; I cannot think of a nicer thing to do.  Life at the Casita is quiet.  Henry and I spend a good amount of time outside, enjoying the backyard.  The back area where these photos were take is still a work in progress.  With a little effort I have managed to pull together a cheerful spring garden.