Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today's reflection...

I took a class at Herd's Nursery and made this miniature fairy garden
There's me 'n Ray and, of course, then there's Henry; we reside together in peace and we are happy.  I cook and bake and sew and knit and do little artsy stuff from time to time; that's what I do, what I have always ever done, from the time I have kept a home of my own; sometimes in balance, sometimes in chaos, my core strength remains intact.  Ray goes to work and comes home and then goes to work again, but soon he'll retire.  I have two sons but they have gone away from us; grownup men now with lives of their own.  I am a better person than I once was.  Can't change the past, you know; learn to forgive yourself as well as others, and then move forward.  With that, growth happens, or at least I hope so.  I'm all for growth.

Oh Henry!!

See me hiding in the bushes up at Weinie Dog Hill? There's two of them, Sophie and Ruby, on the other side of that fence; weinie dogs, that is. I peek through the chicken wire to see if they are there. Sometimes they peek back and we all go crazy! "Henry, stop it! Come inside!"