Sunday, August 26, 2012

Grape harvest at the Casita...

Red Flame Grapes...this year's harvest
Red Flame Grapes...the plant
Temecula is known throughout Southern California for its wineries and has a Wine Country of its own; wine tasting, hot air balloons, award-winning wines; we've got 'em for sure.  Maybe this part of the country is meant for grape growing.  I brought home one bare root plant from Home Depot in early spring with great expectations, a Red Flame seedless variety; kept it potted, don't know why, instead of putting it into the ground; never did stake the plant, but should have.  The fruit of my efforts?  tah dah!!  See me own bunch of grapes?  The one tiny grape that I taste-tested is good, but size and quantity...not so much.  Side note:  The possum came after my strawberries, but not the grapes.  I wonder why not the grapes...  Maybe I'll try a couple more grape vines (this time in the ground) next planting season...Calico Quilter's teeny tiny vineyard; LOL!  Maybe the possum missed the grapes because they are so tiny? 
The possum missed the grapes, but Henry didn't miss the, run, run...bark, bark,, run, run...that's Henry language for "Go away you possum!"  Henry, the hunter!