Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adventures of Henry the Yorkie Pup

Then and now!  Henry was only 12 weeks old when he came to live at the Casita.  See his puppy picture?   Henry has turned out nicely but I remind him from time to time, "Handsome is as handsome does."   Sometimes I call him Mister Dog because he is independent of spirit.  Henry loves to rummage through his doggie toy box to find squeaky toys with which to make a merry sound...eee-eee-EEee!! Henry has a big, big backyard to explore.  His favorite haunt we call Weinie Dog Hill, at the far corner of the property where the fences meet.  If he kneels down he can peek through the bit of chicken wire at the bottom of the fence to view the other side.  His mission?  To see doggie neighbors peeking back, for there are two little Daschunds that live there.  It is a sight to see Henry hopping and skipping backward down the slope of little Weinie Dog Hill in shock and surprise.  How in the world can there be little round eyes looking back at him?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Little knit nightgown

Here's a nightgown, Kwik Sew #3034, my most recent addition to Chloe's closet.  Chloe loves nightgowns.  I used a pink knit fabric, white stretch elastic for neck and arm bindings, and a roly poly elephant applique (Juju Designs) machine embroidered onto the front using bits and pieces from my fabric stash.  I especially like children's Kwik Sew patterns which I find easy to work with and make adjustments to.  Their range of styles are very limited, very basic; but that's what I'm looking for in children's clothing.  Chloe happens to be petite in body size, but long.  This pattern was cut according to her unique measurements (1T body size, 3T length).  Most all patterns come in a multi-size format, and I always copy my pattern pieces onto tracing paper, making the adjustments as I go.  It's extra work but allows me to keep the original pattern intact for future projects.  I am finally, finally making good use of the machine embroidery unit that is part of my sewing machine (Bernina 830 Series), as well as the serger (Husklock 936), both of which I have had for a while now.  I love my serger which provides perfect finished seams; great for wash and wear, quick and easy to use.  See the machine embroidery applique detail on this little nightie?  This was fun to do.  My next sewing projects will include sundresses for Jaden, and for Chloe and her new baby sister, Natalie.  My sis would like me to sew something for her granddaughter, Morgan.  Measurements; I need measurements!  And then it'll be back to struggling to create a wearable, artsy wardrobe for me, me, me.