Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Slow-going applique...Mrs. Lincoln's Sampler

Working on first applique block of this sampler
Up close
I decided to start my Mrs. Lincoln Sampler (designer Lori Smith), as noted in last entry.  I have dabbled in Hawaiian quilting and applique in general with success, and so I thought I'd whip through the 24  little applique blocks that comprise part of this quilt, without too much trouble.  double hah! hah!  The background surface is a 6-1/2" square piece of fabric, which will be cut and finished to a 5" block.  Looking at my bluebird and those green leaves, I see that I could have tucked and/or rounded the pieces a bit more, here and there.  My bird's neck is wonky, the leaves pointy, but all edges are neatly tucked and stitched down. hmmm...  Tempted to start all over and redo this block to achieve greater perfection, before I set those red circles.  But then...  After all, charm lies in a quilter's individual handwork, which makes it her very own.  Doesn't it?  Final note:  It became an enjoyable task once I relaxed.  Use the correct stitch, trust the process, find your rhythm, and the stitches will begin to flow.

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