Friday, September 20, 2013

Cheryl's Baby Blanket

My mom's sketch
My mom passed away a good number of years ago.  Among her things was a little plastic bag containing this sketch and a handful of little dingle balls.  When my niece was born, my mom's first granddaughter, I remember my mom working on a baby blanket to send along.  There was a kind of Winnie the Pooh bear appliqued on top of a soft yellow background; that's my recollection.  I remember at the time, looking at the finished bear and thinking what a funny little bear he was; kind of on the skinny side, I thought.   I was with my mom the day she went to Hart's Fabrics in Santa Cruz, when she bought these dingle balls, a few snips of this and a few snips of that.  It must have meant a great deal to my mom to have kept these things tucked away for all that time.  It means the world to me to have them in my keeping.

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