Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh Henry! Yorkie Pup Update

If you've read past journal entries about this Casita, you have already met Henry the Yorkie Pup (reference article, April 2009). Henry is one year old now and here he is, all 6.33 lbs of him with one of his favorite toys. Is he all grown up now, I wonder? On the subject of productivity in the workroom and at home, we all have excuses as to why things don't always get done; mine is Henry. I want to sew and do artsy things, but Henry wants to play and cavort. Inevitably, when I'm hard at work on this project or that, Henry shows up in my sewing room with a chewy toy that squeaks, wanting to play. Henry's favorite games are Run-run-run/Catch Me if You Can and Hide and Seek; he runs or hides, as the case may be, and I'm supposed to do the chasing. He's can I say NO! NO! to that little face in the donut ring? I have Henry duty mornings and weekdays, Papa has nights and weekends. Henry is a playful little prince but sometimes all I want to do is sit and sew. Oh Henry!!

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