Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beads!! Pin Kit

I have had it in mind to do beadwork. With that, I recently purchased a Beaded Pin Kit (by Ruthmarie Hofmann, Email: when I was at the January quilt show in Ontario, CA. The kit provides a square of batik print fabric, a paper template, a variety of beads (bead soup), a covered button form and pin, thread and needle. Using the fabric print as a guide, you can create your own unique beaded design. This is fun to do, if not a little tedious. While working on my pin, I accidentally upset my plate of loose beads and the teeny tiny beads went flying. I'll be more aware of my workspace next time. Luckily, I was able to distract Henry the Yorkie Pup away from the area as I crawled around on hands and knees to retrieve all those tiny beads. My camera does not focus up-close, but these pictures show current progress. I wish you could see it more clearly because it's really turning out quite pretty. I'll post the finished jewelry piece when done. My ultimate goal is to learn enough about bead embellishment to do some artsy beadwork on artsy garments in the future.

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