Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Garden - Spring 2009

It's springtime and my garden thrives as the weather warms. The small front entry to the Casita is planted with a collection of white flowers, primarily roses. It's never very cold in Southern California; however, we do have what's called the June Gloom annually, which simply means overcast and cool in the morning. Tending to the garden in the spring takes me away from the sewing room for a while. My herb collection includes echinaeca, aloe and scented geranium (photos). This miniature aloe plant has helped to heal many minor kitchen burns. Our gated garden in the front is visited daily by a California non-crested bluejay. There are lots of other birds around, sometimes even hummingbirds, but the bluejay comes around most often...must be a nest nearby.

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