Monday, April 11, 2016

Dance bags in the making

Chloe is an endearing grandchild who loves her ballet lessons.  When she was younger I made a ballet bag for her, pink canvas with black gingham trim, custom-sized to her small frame.  Chloe is 7 years old now and she needs a bigger bag.  So, here it is sewn up in  red, with hot pink trim; Chloe has loved the color red for a while now.  Thank goodness for granddaughters which gives me good reason to use the embroidery feature on my very fancy sewing machine.  Chloe's bag...all done!  Next I am working on a bag for Natalie who is our little 4-year-old gymnast.  After that, I'll be making a dance bag for Jaden who will be 13 in July.  Three fabulous granddaughters, Jaden, Chloe and Natalie. We are so blessed : )

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