Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wearable Art in the works; beginnings

The Moon, the Sun, and Earth Mama
Here's a doodle of mine.  Colored pencils, black Sharpie ink pen on a flour sack dishcloth.  The square in this drawing measures one inch, putting scale into perspective.  I have been wanting to create wearable art, artsy pieces, etc.  Drawings on fabric, to be cut and sewn into garments?  This has been done before.  I know I can do this, too; however, definitely must concentrate on scale, as a one-inch drawing won't do.  Enlarge, enlarge, enlarge!!!  Design and pattern selection will follow when my "to do" list is achieved.
To do:
1.  Think large, Christine
2.  Visit Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster, CA
3.  Experiment with various organic fabrics, fabric paints, ink, etc.

Here's another recent one of mine.  Initially, I drew the round face using Adobe Illustrator...the circle, the eyes, the lips, coloration.  Trying to adhere image to fabric, using iron-on sheet, was a huge failure, an icky, peely failure.  Did I not follow the directions?  (I did not.)  In a moment of artsy frenzy I got out my Sharpie and colored pencils and began to doodle.  I don't know why my drawings come out so other-worldly weird.  Once doodled upon, I took a picture and loaded it onto PhotoSuite; hence, I was able to add the mirage image that pools around the bottom of the drawing.  I love the effect. 

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