Sunday, June 8, 2014

Quilters are artists, too!

I am a self-described artist who dabbles with Adobe Illustrator, a program that Papa Paz put on my computer because he thought I'd enjoy it.  I supposed there is a certain style that defines my work.  I see my artwork as kind of wonky, plain and simple.  Whether patching together a quilt top or dabbling in creative quilting, for me, it's all about developing an eye-popping color palette.  I looked through my stuff on Illustrator to possibly bring drawings to the quilting table.  Not every drawing translates well, but then there are some that are exciting, whether printed on paper or put to fabric.  These ones keep me wanting to do more.  Above are two pieces; one of them in progress, the other waiting for the next step toward completion.  Here below are two pears.  On this one, I did a little bit of shading, using pastel chalk.  This was a free-motion quilting practice piece.  Practice, practice, practice!

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