Friday, December 21, 2012

Frosty morning at the Casita...

Spicy oregano, green onion and garlic,
with Johnny Jump Ups for a spot of color
Rose geranium
Hey!...isn't this that end of the Mayan calendar date, when all things were speculated to end? Apparently not; so far so good, thanks be to God.  8 a.m. at the Casita; I woke up to clear blue skies and oh so cold temperatures outside.  Here are two closeups from the back garden area, which I snapped early this morning.  Outside, the leaves are frosty everywhere. The sun has not hit this area of the garden yet, but it's coming.  I'm hoping there will not be too much frost damage.   Lucky me, my little herb garden is a small area.  Protecting these tender plants from freezing cold night temps should be a manageable project.  We've lived in snow country before, in the Sierra Mountains, at above 5,000 ft.  A little frosty freeze from time to time in Temecula is tolerable here at the Casita, a place where it's normally sunny and warm.  But my poor tender plants; oh how they suffer...brrrr!

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