Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ballet bag for Chloe

Ballet bag for Chloe...in the making
Chloe will be 4 yrs old in November.  New beginnings for Chloe this autumn, as she has just started preschool part time, as well as ballet lessons.  Chloe saw little girls performing at the mall and fell in love with ballet.  She loves to go to school and loves her dance class, too.  Leaving the nest and her baby sister behind for a few hours a week is a big adventure that our Miss Chloe enjoys thoroughly.  Chloe is in need of a dance bag so I am sewing one up for her.  I made a prototype bag and so I know that this one will come together nicely and quickly as well.  No problem inserting the zipper, but my biggest challenge has been to insert the lining nicely.  The duffle will measure 7" x 14" when finished and will be just the right size for Chloe to carry her things in.  There is an embroidery unit built into my sewing machine which I finally have the opportunity to make good use of.  As you can see in the photo, I am customizing Chloe's bag.  (Did you see?  Chloe and I share the same initials, C.K. Paz.)  I could easily complete this bag in one day, but I have taken two days instead.  This bag will be finished today; that's a for sure.

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