Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jelly Roll Quilt Tops!

"Jelly Roll Race" quilts...two of them!
In the meantime, in between working on my 8-point scrappy star wall hanging, I've been jumping from project to project just to keep momentum flowing.  For example, I just whipped out two, not one but two,  "Jelly Roll Race" quilts, using a couple of jelly rolls that I had purchased but had no idea what to do with...that is, until my penpal Deb directed my attention to a great You Tube video published by the Missouri Star Quilt Co. (  This video kept me in stitches (LOL) and was instructive at the same time; its banner promises a quilt in less than an hour (mine took about 2 or 3 hrs); my little machine was buzzing!  My penpal and I have just gotten started corresponding, but I can tell she's got a great sense of humor and she's practical, too.  I am just a little bit crazy when it comes to keeping my crafting priorities straight, but I live happily with what I do...keeps life interesting.  Creative chaos and all that, you know!


  1. Great job. Well I quess you won this race. I still didn't start mine, LOL. Deb

    1. An old bud of mine once said, "Sometimes the thinkin' of it is better than the doin'." True, so true!