Monday, August 13, 2012

Edyta Sitar; wall-hanging applique in progress

I am working on applying the applique pieces to my 8-point scrappy star wall hanging (design by Edyta Sitar, from her book Scrappy Fireworks Quilts).  I have traced each piece of the applique design onto sheets of double-sided fusible web.  Because there are so many duplicate pieces, I marked each one (for example "D-1 of 4, D-2 of 4, etc.) as I trace, to avoid getting confused.  The picture above shows pieces I have traced and cut out, and ones that have been fused to different fabrics and are ready to press into place.  Once I have arranged the pieces and pressed them into place, I will edge-stitch each piece.  The most time-consuming part of this project will be to edge-stitch each piece.  This is my progress, so far.


  1. Your applique is really going to add so much to this design! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Connie, for your kind comments. I have to do 3 more corners, then I'll breathe easier.