Friday, August 3, 2012

Edyta Sitar; my first 8-point star

My latest favorite quilt designer, Edyta Sitar.  I purchased two of her books, Scrappy Firework Quilts and Friendship Strips and Scraps.  Here's my first 8-point star in the making, from a pattern in Edyta's Scrappy Firework Quilts book.  The scrappy diamond pattern looks intricate but the technique is easy enough, provided you measure and cut carefully.  This is a little ambitious for my first-time, 8-point star, but I wanted a more challenging project, and I wanted to make something I really love.  My greatest challenge has been to distribute colors and prints evenly throughout the star.  Matching each point of every little diamond went quickly once I mastered the technique...again, a little care ended with good results.  Now it's time to piece the star together.  This will be a wall hanging when it's completed.

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