Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New quilt top...shades of yellow and green

Sampler quilt top in the making; shades of lemon yellow and dusty lime green.

This sampler quilt top is nearly done and ready for quilting.  I took most of this fabric from material in my cupboard.  I've read many blogs and clips from other quilters and we all seem to have a common thread that binds.  Ah, the old fabric stash thing.  It's in my mind to sort mine out; use what I have or let it go.  This quilt reminds me of a delicious, fluffy Lemon Meringue Pie.  One mitered corner left to go and then it's ready to be quilted.  I'm debating; should I hand-quilt, try machine quilting, or send it out to be quilted?  Sending it out is not an option.  I dread machine quilting, but maybe it's time to give that a try in the interest of getting it done more quickly.  We'll see.

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