Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hobbit Shoes

In pursuit of cozy house slippers to wear, I sewed up a soft shoe from a free pattern I found on the internet; soft denim, calico lining, applique flower and covered button to match.  It is adorable I think, but not a good fit.  Never give up says me!  So I tried another pattern "Oma's Slippers," a crochet slipper which I think is very nice.  See the result?  I have made only one side of each of these...prototypes.  Result?  Another loose and goosey fit.  What's up?  Not to worry; simply size down the crochet needle, tighten the stitch and work it until proper fit is achieved.  I'll try again.  Friends and relatives beware; these could be gifts in the making.

1 comment:

  1. stick these in the washer and was in warm water to felt them, then try them on to fix the size. You might end up loving it that they were loose to begin with - that means they would be the right fit after felting.