Sunday, August 21, 2011

About Those Tomatoes...

It's the end of tomato growing season at the Casita.  The very large grape-type tomato is of the Juliet variety and provided a bountiful harvest.  I have read that the Juliet is somewhere between a plum tomato and the smaller grape tomato; meaty, excellent flavor, keeps well for a long time after picking.  The other tomatoes pictured are Brandywines, picked from my garden; See them ripening?  These Brandywines are almost ready.  I only grew one plant of each kind so there would not be an overload of tomatoes to deal with; I had only enough to do small batches of this and that.  From the Juliet I put up a Spicy Tomato Jam as well as making oven-dried herbed tomatoes packed in olive oil.  We also roasted the Juliets, skewered shishkebob-style, on the BBQ.  Mmmm good!  I'll definitely look to grow the Juliets again next season.  The Brandywines ended up in a Beef Tomato dish, using my alltime favorite recipe from Madame Wu's Chinese Cookbook.   Also cooked up some Fried Green Tomatoes for dipping in Ranch dressing.  The Brandywines were delicious in sandwiches, too; I fixed mine very simple; sliced tomato w/a little salt and pepper, bacon and mayo on toasted bread.  This is truly a yummy tomato but it is an heirloom variety and therefore subject to the persnickety variances that are the hallmark of old-fashioned tomatoes.  So there you go; my homegrown tomato season is coming to a close.  I'll be thinking and planning for next year's bounty.

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