Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh Henry!

Today Henry went to puppy kindergarten and learned to sit properly upon command. In class around other pups larger than himself, Henry went very low profile, I think mainly for self-protection, being the wee laddie that he is. The Aussie shepherd pup only 11 wks old towered playfully over our laddie. There is a happy balance at the Casita now that Henry is potty trained and has settled in as a member of the family. As this photo demonstrates, at home Henry is king of the hill. This is his pack...Mr. Potato, Miss Pinkie and El Tigre. Like Henry, they each get a bath weekly. Now that Henry's business is in order, it's time that I get back to quilting and most happily so! The garden also needs tending as we move solidly into spring. Time for a visit to the local nursery. Maybe I'll put Henry in a tote and bring him along.

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