Sunday, April 12, 2009

Morgan's Quilt - All Done!

Morgan's quilt is done...just in time for her birthday party. It's a busy but cheerful compilation of bright prints. I wanted this to be a wash-and-wear blanket for Morgan, so I used a low loft polyester batting for the inside of the quilt, knowing it might be run through the wash many times. I stitched one big boxy "X" at each cross-section where the green prints meet to secure the quilt top to the back, and finished the edges with a matching green calico with a back-to-front binding technique, using mitered corners. Finally, I attached little tufts of hot pink yarn at the center of each green cross section to "tie" the whole quilt together. It's quite a feeling of accomplishment to take something from start to finish. Morgan loves her quilt and we are all happy on this blessed Easter Sunday and wish you the same.

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